Rigid Core LVT

Rigid Core LVT

What It Is, Why We Love It, Where To Install It

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are one of the most popular flooring options on the market, and we think that Rigid Core LVT makes it even better.

What is Rigid Core LVT? 

LVT is multi-layered, water and wear resistant flooring featuring a high-quality design layer. Rigid Core offers the same appeal as traditional LVT, but with added stability that makes it sturdier and adds to the overall durability of the product. On top of the potential for a longer life, Rigid Core LVT is extremely popular because of its easy click together design.

Why We Love Rigid Core LVT

IT LOOKS GOOD – Rigid Core LVT is available in a variety of different flooring designs that mimics the look of beautiful natural woodgrains or stunning stone floors without the expensive initial purchase cost, or the cost intensive maintenance that many natural floorings require.22659-amtico-golden-oak-wood-effect-luxury-vinyl-click-flooring

ITS EASY TO INSTALL – At Floor Factory we stock several types of Rigid Core LVT from the leading manufacturers. While each manufacturers installation varies slightly, they all offer the option of a glue-free installation with clever click-together systems.

ITS TOUGH – The multi-layered technology that goes into Rigid Core LVT makes it very durable. A built in wear layer helps the design to last longer, and many of the Rigid Core LVT designs we stock are water resistant, making it possible for you to have the look of wood even in your bathroom or kitchen.

ITS EASY TO LOOK AFTER – Wipe, vacuum, or give them a gentle buff and your LVT will be looking good as new. While wood flooring might need significant restoration overtime, and ongoing waxing, polishing or preserving, Rigid Core LVT is easy to maintain. It’s designed to be resistant to normal household wear and tear including scuffs, stains, scratches and spills.

ITS QUIET – We love the look of stone and wood floors, but they can be very loud. So whether you want to avoid waking a sleeping baby or a sleeping husband after a night out with the girls, your wood or stone floor isn’t your friend. Several of our Rigid Core LVT options have been specifically designed with clever acoustic backing layers that offer reduced noise.

ITS COMFORTABLE – Whether it’s for a kitchen floor where you spend a long time on your feet, or a no-shoes room like your lounge, Rigid Core LVT offers improved foot comfort compared to many hard floor alternatives. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Rigid’ in the name, that’s just the core. Cleverly designed layers improve comfort when you walk on Rigid Core LVT without compromising on looks or durability

22658-sb5s2791-portland-broken-bond-12x24Where Can I Install Rigid Core LVT?

Rigid Core LVT is exceptionally versatile and can be installed in virtually any room in your home. The water-resistant design, variety of flooring styles, comfortable and quiet composition, and good value makes it a great choice for everywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom and the lounge to the laundry room. Added to Rigid Core LVT’s any-room-appeal is the simple installation potential. Providing the floor is smooth, hard, and flat, you can probably install LVT. While Rigid Core LVT is a great option for DIY enthusiasts and self-builds, at Floor Factory we can connect you to experienced installers to ensure there’s no surprises when you come to fitting the floor.

What Brands of Rigid Core LVT Are Available? Floor Factory in Derby has one of the largest ranges of Rigid Core LVT flooring choices in the county. Customer favourites include the Maximus Click Parquet Rigid Core LVT from Invictus that has a sound softening cork backing, and Amtico’s Click Smart Collection with an amazing selection of on-trend designs. Talk to the team and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for or give you a little inspiration if you’re feeling overwhelmed with options.

Photo Credit: Amtico Click Smart Collection