Spring Cleaning Your Wooden Floors


February has begun with some beautiful weather, and it’s got us all thinking about spring cleaning! There is nothing more satisfying than giving your floors a deep clean to keep them looking their best. In this post we look at the best ways to give your wooden floors the TLC they deserve.

Preparation is Key

Preparation can seem like a chore, but it makes the job easier and more successful in the long run – trust us. So don’t skip this important stage. Give yourself a clear canvas to clean. First remove any furniture, preferably out of the room. If this proves tricky you could move the furniture to the edges and clean the room in two stages.

Be careful when moving furniture on wooden flooring that you avoid scratching. Lift, and not drag when moving for the best success. We recommend using protective feet on your furniture to keep your floors safe. Alternatively, carpet remnants also make great furniture feet protectors if you have any in storage.

Suck it Up

Now you have your space prepared, get ready to remove all the lose particles from your flooring. The best way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner. Most vacuums have a soft setting or separate head attachment specifically for hard floors to achieve the best clean without damage. (If this is not the case with your vacuum, you may want to consider using a broom).

Once the floor has been given a thorough going-over, make sure you give some attention to those hard-to-reach areas. Frequently forgotten, but perfect for the job, are your vacuums crevice attachments. So, dig them out of storage and really get into the corners, making sure you focus along the skirting boards which can often be neglected in your weekly clean.

Finishing Toucheswooden floor cleaning

It is important to be aware that with engineered wood, hardwood flooring or laminate, water is not necessarily your friend. Excess water can cause your
wooden flooring to warp or swell, so be very cautious about the use of water whilst cleaning your floor. A lightly moistened microfibre mop will often be the perfect solution to restoring your wooden flooring back to its former glory.

If you have stubborn stains or want to leave your floors smelling great, you can also consider using a cleaner specific for your floor type. Here at Floor Factory, we can advise you on the best cleaners to use for wooden flooring. Feel free to get in touch with Floor Factory for more specialised cleaning advice on how to take care of your floor.

Voila! Your floor should now be sparkling ready to receive your furniture and be admired by family and friends. Now for a well-deserved coffee while you plan your next cleaning project!