Spring Cleaning Your Flooring: Tips & Tricks

Spring Cleaning Your Flooring

As the weather starts to brighten, the sunshine that cheers us can also highlight areas that have been missed over the duller winter months (eek!) Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your home, and paying attention to your flooring can make a significant impact.

Start your Spring Clean by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering your living spaces, removing rugs and furniture to access all areas. For hardwood floors, while water should be sufficient, excess water is a definite no-no. For more stubborn marks, a specific cleaner for your floor type can help lift winter grime without causing damage. For advice on the best cleaners to use for your wooden flooring, get in touch.

Carpeted areaskitchen floor  also benefit from a deep cleaning, either through professional services or with a quality carpet cleaner. Address any stains promptly, and don’t forget to rotate furniture to prevent uneven wear.

Spring is also an opportune time to inspect LVT flooring for any loose tiles or worn-out areas. Replacing damaged tiles or resealing grout lines can enhance both appearance and durability.

Investigate the condition of your rugs and consider having them professionally cleaned to remove accumulated dust and allergens.

Embrace the season by bringing in light and bright accents to complement your refreshed flooring. Consider updating your floor coverings with vibrant rugs or lighter-coloured carpets for a fresh, seasonal feel.

Beyond the aesthetics, spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity for preventive maintenance.

Regular care not only extends the life of your flooring but also creates a healthier living environment. With a little extra attention during your spring cleaning routine, your floors will be ready to shine, providing a clean and welcoming foundation for the warmer months ahead.

Floor Factory are here to help you along the way, contact us today for advice on cleaning products for your flooring, ideas for new carpets,  or to discuss updating your LVT or wooden flooring. We’re here to help.