The Good, The Bad and The Lovely of Wooden Flooring

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The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely 

Floor fashion has changed over the decades, but wood flooring has retained its appeal as one of the most desirable flooring options for all types of homes. From historic hardwood to parquet with a patina, and from ballroom-inspired grand floors to contemporary Scandi-cool, we love wood floors. What makes them so great, where’s the best and worst places to install wood floors, and what if you want the wood look but without the price tag? Our wooden flooring mini guide will answer that and more.  

Why We Love Wooden Floors

The Look – Wood floors have a natural warmth and character that’s unlike any other flooring type. The variety of woods, the unique patterns in each floorboard, and even some of the marks they might accumulate over time add a story to the room. 
The Durability If you take care of your wooden floor, it can easily outlast you. When treated with love, hardwood floors will survive for generations.
The Restoration PotentialEven if your flooring has a long lifespan, at some point it will need to be replaced. Wood flooring however has the potential to be refurbished to be as good as new without being replaced. 
The Health Benefits Wood flooring is often the first choice for allergy sufferers. Clean wooden floors don’t attract allergens that can live happily in flooring like carpets, leaving you with fresher and healthier air.  

When Wood Isn’t So Good  

Red Wine SpillIt Doesn’t Come Cheap Hardwood flooring can be expensive to install when compared to other floors. The cost of sustainably sourced wood is understandably not cheap, and for an installation you’ll love and that will last, you should hire a skilled (and not-necessarily cheap) craftsperson.  
Hydrophobia For Your Floors Moisture and spills can be the death of your wooden flooring. Dripping wet mopping is a no no, and if the environment they are installed in is wet, then wood is likely not the best choice. 
Kids, Pets, and Clumsy Wine Drinkers Wood is tough, but high heels, scratchy pet toenails, and heavy traffic areas will leave marks or damage on the floor. On top of that, depending on how well sealed your wood flooring is, the risk of stains from kids, pets, or even accidental dinner-party-spills can leave their mark. 
Taking Care of Your Floor Hardwood flooring is not maintenance free. If you want to keep it looking good, you’ll need to be prepared to take care of it.  

The Look Without the Worry 

Wooden FlooringWe love wood floors. If you’re prepared to take care of your wood flooring, install it in the most suitable location, and you can afford the initial outlay, then there’s nothing quite like it.
However, if you want the look with less worry, less maintenance, and less cost, then luxury vinyl tiles are the answer. At Floor Factory we’re the area’s leading suppliers of some of the best manufacturers of LVT. LVT’s unique
printed look, textured design, and cutting-edge manufacture makes it a favourite alternative to hardwood flooring.