Protecting Your Wood Flooring At Your Christmas Party

protect your wood flooring at your christmas party

With Christmas coming up you may well be planning a big Christmas party for your family and friends in your home. Having a Christmas party is a good option for many people as it is more affordable than booking a venue, plus you can control the flow of the all-important food and drink for your guests. However, with a party at home comes the party clean up the following day. If your home has wood flooring you might be worried about potential damage and spillages that can occur when lots of people get together at a party.

If you want to avoid permanent damage to your wood flooring at your Christmas party, there are some simple actions you can take to protect it.

Covering Your Wood Flooring

Areas of the house that are prone to spillages from food and drink are susceptible to accidents at a party. Buying a tarp is one option to covering certain areas of wood flooring you want to protect and will catch any food or drink that gets spilled. A tarp isn’t the most ideal solution to protecting your entire wood flooring though, as it is thick and stiff, becoming a tripping hazard easily in a high-traffic party environment. An alternative could be to lay temporary carpet over the wood in hallways as people move from room to room, or even a plastic dust cover can prevent liquids and foods from soaking your wood flooring. If you don’t want to ruin your festive decorations at your Christmas Party by laying down a tarp, there are some other options available.

Ask Guests To Remove Their Shoes

Some people don’t like asking their guests to remove their shoes, but the easiest way to protect your wood flooring at your Christmas party is to get your guests to remove their shoes. If you’ve spent a lot of money on beautiful wood flooring, it’s not rude to ask your guests to respect your property by following a simple rule. If everyone is having to take their shoes off then nobody can feel hard done by. The worst case scenario for asking your guests to remove their shoes is having a few miffed people at your Christmas party, which would hopefully be short-lived after a few drinks. The worst case scenario for not asking guests to remove their shoes is having heel imprints and scuffs all over your expensive wood flooring. Not everyone agrees with removing shoes in people’s houses, but people are usually understanding and obliging when asked. If you still feel uncertain about asking your guests to remove their shoes, give them enough warning in advance or perhaps provide some soft sole slippers everyone.

Separate Rooms For Activities

If you plan to have festive activities at your Christmas party, consider carefully which rooms you use. If you need lots of space and the biggest room in the house happens to have wood flooring, you have to weigh up your options and perhaps reconsider what activities you include on the night. Activities like festive craft games and christmas karaoke are growing more popular, but these include having a big set up or bulky electrical equipment, which could scratch or dent your wood flooring. Find the right room for the right activity and try to keep things contained. Be realistic with the atmosphere and the space you have available. Activities like charades or Christmas trivia might seem boring to some, but these options are safer for your wood flooring. Once the drink starts to flow and everyone gets into the Christmas spirit, any activities are fun activities, so don’t feel like you need to be too adventurous in your choices to have a good time.

Clean As You Go

Accidents can happen no matter what precautions you take. If a spillage occurs, it’s not the end of the world, you just have to make sure you clean it up as quickly as possible. Wood flooring will be fine with liquids if it’s not left to soak, as this can damage the finish, warp or even crack the wood. Cleaning up as you go and keeping an eye out for any dropped food or spilled drink will help avoid any permanent damage to your wood flooring. As long as you and your guests take proper care and deal with accidents quickly, your wood flooring will be fine.

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