Why Choose Wood Flooring for Your Derbyshire Home?

an image of wood flooring in a home with a bag and chair


Real wood flooring has become highly sought and can add instant warmth and character to your home. With a professional team on hand to install in the Derbyshire area, you can achieve high quality results that will last for many years to come.

It’s Natural


Wood flooring has an authentic charm. In the same way that people are in love with nature and our Earthy surroundings, they are drawn to the natural characteristics of wood flooring. With such a diverse climate, a range of woods and grains are available in a variety of finishes. It’s easy to adapt or change your wood flooring in future, giving it a rejuvenation with a new stain, oil or lacquer.

An Investment

The addition of solid or engineered wood flooring can increase the property value of any home in Derbyshire. As a classic, sought-after look that never goes out of fashion, it is a timeless investment that can uplift and complement virtually every interior style, in every room of your home. A carpet is, on average, replace 3-6 times before a wood flooring needs a repair, so although the initial outlay may be higher, the costs soon balance out.

Beat Allergies


Solid or engineered wood flooring doesn’t attract dust mites or other allergy related organisms. Thanks to the non porous texture, dust is easily swept away, making allergies far easier to manage.

Renewable Resource


Hardwood flooring is an environmentally sound choice. You can hugely reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a renewable material such as wood over a manmade product. For example, it takes five times more energy to produce cement than it does to produce wood flooring. Not only this, but the insulating properties of wood cannot be matched by rival products. It would take 15 inches of concrete to equal the insulation of just one inch of wood. Make sure that you research your supplier and purchase wood that has only been sourced sustainably.

Easy to Maintain


Wood flooring is surprisingly easy to maintain, requiring very few chemicals. If properly treated with oil or varnish, your flooring can stand the test of time even in high traffic areas. With a few wipes, you can mop up spillages without leaving a stain. Wood flooring is particularly handy for households with dogs or young children, who often tend to bring mud in on their paws and shoes.

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