What is Amtico Flooring?

amtico flooring is the perfect solution to wood or stone floors

With the rise of wooden flooring, patterned tiles and marble features in homes, many people are looking to achieve the same chic aesthetic that they see in glossy magazines and online. Getting the marble floor you want in your bathroom or the stone floor you want in your kitchen could set you back a lot of money and come with other disadvantages that could be more expensive over time. Stone floors are notorious for being cold underfoot and taking time to heat up, while wooden floors need maintenance in the form of wax, polish or lacquer. Amtico is the perfect solution for getting your dream floor without the expense or upkeep. So what is Amtico flooring, and why is it such a good option?

Amtico Flooring Solutions

Amtico flooring is a high end, luxury vinyl flooring solution that can be used throughout your home to achieve the visual effects of tile, wood and stone without the downsides. Available in a large variety of styles, patterns and colours, Amtico gives you the freedom to effortlessly individualize your home to suit your tastes. Amtico is equally popular for its versatility, as it can be fitted on a wide variety of underfloors, from timber and stone to concrete. Amtico flooring can also be installed over an existing underfloor heating system so you are not limited to the style of vinyl you buy, as with other types of flooring.

The Benefits of Amtico

Amtico is made from resin which is compressed under high pressure during manufacturing, which makes it very durable and robust for long-lasting performance. Amtico flooring is the most durable luxury vinyl floor tile you can buy and will not knick, split or discolour like wood or stone flooring. They are regularly considered of better quality than other vinyl tiles available. Amtico flooring will also last for years and comes with a guarantee, making it ideal even for heavy traffic areas and high footfall throughout your home so you can enjoy it hassle-free for years to come. Unlike wood floors, Amtico can even be used in bathrooms and won’t react to moisture or humidity, so if you have your heart set on a wooden floor finish in your bathroom Amtico can deliver all the beautiful visuals of wood without the headache. Amtico vinyl flooring only need a sweep and occasional wipe down with a cloth to maintain, saving you time and money in future.

Amtico at Floor Factory

Floor Factory have been specially selected to become one of a small number of UK retailers who offer Amtico flooring solutions. Our newly installed Amtico One design centre is exclusive to Floor Factory and is supported by in-house design consultants who are dedicated to giving you your dream floor. If you want to create a chic, stylish look at home without compromising on functionality, Floor Factory can supply and install Amtico for you.
To find out more about Amtico flooring solutions, or to find out more about or Amtico One design centre, get in touch with the team. You can give us a call on 01332 986261 or fill out our online contact form.