Spring Cleaning: Sparkling Surfaces & Fresh Floors


Spring has sprung!  We’re coming out of winter, leaving the germs and dirt of last season behind and looking to freshen things up.  It’s time to start spring cleaning.

Here at Floor Factory, we are experts on floor-care. Here’s some of our top tips for cleaning your flooring this spring:

Fluff & Freshen Your Carpets

Carpet fibres can trap a lot more dust than hard floors, so regularly vacuuming your carpets is a must.  But when it’s time for giving them a bit extra love, a good shampoo can work wonders.  It can be hard to know the best way to give your carpets a thorough clean.  For advice on the perfect products your floors, talk to our team.

Shine Up Your Laminate, Vinyl & Wood

Here’s where you may be tempted to grab that mop and bucket and go nuts on that one sticky patch that’s really been bugging you over the last few months.  However, too much water on your real wood, laminate or vinyl floors can cause them to swell and become damaged.  Instead, start with a soft-bristled sweeping brush or a soft brush extension on your vacuum cleaner, to remove any dust and dirt.  Then clean using a lightly damp mop or cloth.  For those particularly mucky places, you might want a cleaning solution that’s specifically designed for your flooring.  If you’re not sure what to use, don’t risk it. Contact the team at Floor Factory for advice on what’s best for your floor, and get those surfaces sparkling again.

Stave Off Scratches & Scuffs

Spring cleaning is the time to get into those places that you’ve probably neglected for a good year or so.  The whole ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ excuse can only work for so long.  Eventually, it’s time to drag that table away from the wall or haul that sofa across the room and give those neglected areas a bit of attention.  The last thing you want is to move that furniture back and see you’ve left a big scratch across your beautiful floor.  What can you do?  Well in this case, we say prevention is better than a cure.  Try to lift furniture where possible.  You can also purchase protective felt feet or glides for your furniture, which are great for things that regularly need moving around, like dining chairs.

Put the “Luxury” Back into Your LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Amtico or Karndean emulate the look of hard flooring with modern technology, including enhanced surface treatments which make your floors much easier to clean.  Keeping it looking its best is often as simple as a quick sweep or vacuum.  Most LVT flooring is also designed to be water, impact and stain resistant, but for that more thorough spring clean, Floor Factory can supply you with a specially formulated product for a deeper clean, removing any ingrained dirt for a like-new finish.  Talk to the team about the recommended floor cleaning products for your specific brand of flooring.

Begin with the Best

Giving your floors a good, deep clean can often feel like a big job. Starting with high-quality flooring greatly lessens this task. At Floor Factory we offer high-quality products from big brands that will stand the test of time. Plus, we offer expert help and advice, not only on finding the perfect flooring for your home, but also on keeping those floors as high-quality as possible for as long as possible.

As always, for impartial advice, design ideas and to find your perfect flooring, contact Floor Factory today to discuss your flooring options. Call us on 01332 986261, make an appointment at our showroom or fill out our online contact form!