Rigid Core LVT vs. Laminate

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Which is Better and Why?

At Floor Factory in Derby, we’ve installed thousands of floors, so we’ve taken a closer look at laminate and Rigid Core LVT flooring to see which is better. From cost to installation, we’ll take a look at the top five reasons that makes Rigid Core LVT a better option than laminate flooring for almost every flooring application.

22657-sb5s2789-lyme-broken-bond-12x241. It Lasts Longer than Laminate – If you choose a high-quality Rigid Core LVT from one of our recommended manufacturers, you can expect it to stay looking fresh for years and years. A combination of the materials and the manufacturing process means that while your laminate flooring may need replacing in 10 years, Rigid Core LVT can last 25 years or more.

2. Easier Installation – Compared to wood and stone floors, both laminate and Rigid Core LVT are much easier to install. But when you compare LVT to laminate, LVT comes out on top for two main reasons. Firstly, in the majority of installations no adhesive is needed to install Rigid Core LVT. The cutting edge design of the click-together central core makes Rigid Core LVT far simpler to install than most other floors, including laminate. This is especially the case when adhesive is required for laminate installations. Some installers prefer it, and some manufacturers recommend it to help with floor stability and to prevent lifting in case moisture gets below the boards. Secondly, LVT is generally easier to cut to length. Laminate requires a saw to cut it to size, which can take extra time, but LVT can often be cut with a knife which results in saved time and improved accuracy of cutting

Rigid Core LVT

3. LVT Can Handle the Wet – Laminate flooring’s big drawback is it doesn’t like
moisture. Not only does that limit the rooms you can (or can’t!) install it in, it also means an unexpected spill if not dried quickly can result in lasting damage. LVT however is designed to be naturally more water resistant. So much so you can even install it in your bathroom or a mud room. And because it doesn’t mind moisture, if there’s a spill you’ll have less to worry about, and you can use a damp mop to clean things up.

4. It Looks Great – While some laminates have a very impressive wood or stone look, vinyl used to be lacking in this regard. Not anymore. LVT’s range of designs and true-to-life replication of natural materials has outpaced laminate in recent years. Floor Factory’s range of Rigid Core LVT includes some exceptionally good looking options whether you prefer wood, stone, or something else. The design layer not only offers an impressive recreation of classic woodgrains but an imprinted texture means it even feels like wood.

5. What Laminate Can Do, Rigid Core LVT Does it Better – LVT is quiet, soft, warm underfoot and pairs well with underfloor heating. It’s also better for homes with pets, with a texture that many pets find easier to navigate (with less slipping) and a durability that is better able to handle over-eager paws. In fact, in almost every area we looked at, LVT came out the winner when compared to laminate flooring. Talk to our team to find the right Rigid Core LVT option for your home.

Photo Credit: Amtico Click Smart Collection