Redecorating Your Home

Redecorating Your Home

5 Tips For A Fresh New Look

With the end of lockdown on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to think about redecorating and welcome old friends into a fresh new space. We’ve collected together our favourite five tips for bringing a fresh look to your home so you can enjoy this new time together.

1. Timeless Trends
While we all want our homes to make a good impression, it’s good to remember that trends can be fickle. Just ask Crocs. One minute they’re labelled as the ugliest footwear ever invented, and now they’re the shoe of choice for TikTok stars and mega famous celebs like Justin Bieber. So, whether you’re looking at new décor pieces, new flooring, or new furniture, try and avoid anything too faddish. It might look on trend for a minute, but it’s better to choose a style that will remain classy long after Crocs are uncool again.

For redecorating with flooring that has a timeless appeal, you can rarely go wrong with wood, or a lookalike equivalent. Not only can you get the look for less with Luxury Vinyl Tiles, laminate, or engineered wood, it will allow you more choice than hardwood does.

2. Quick & Easy
We’ve all started a weekend DIY redecorating project, only to find that Sunday night has come and gone, and we’re far from finished. Even a fun DIY project can cause you to lose your joy under dust sheets and masked off corners if it goes on for too long. Plan your redecorating well in advance and use the days or weekend before you start DIY’ing to measure, calculate, purchase and plan. Spending some extra time planning will often give you more time with the kids, in the pub, or in the park. 

For quick and easy flooring installs, we’d recommend laminate flooring. With it’s clever click together design, you can perform a total flooring transformation in less than a day.

3. Be Bold, But Not ‘That’ Bold
If you’ve seen Grand Designs, then you’ll definitely want to avoid Kevin McCloud nervously asking, ‘are you sure about that colour?’. It’s great to make a statement with a splash of colour, but you probably don’t want to be the only neon pink house in a row of Tudor buildings. That being said, don’t be afraid of moving out of your comfort zone and embracing colour and patterns when you’re planning to redecorate. 
If you’re struggling for inspiration there’s few places better than Pinterest. Start pinning all of your favourites, and you’ll almost definitely find a colour or pattern that speaks to you. If you do add a bold new colour to a room, then remember that often, less is more.

So, plan to add a colourful accent to the room, rather than overwhelm it with clashing colours and patterns. Remember you’ve got to live in this space, so balance neutral tones with a small burst of colour. If it works, you can always add more.

4. Floor Art & Wall Art
One of the simplest ways to redecorate is to give your art a refresh or add a contemporary rug into the mix. There’s been a revolution in the world of rugs so you’re going to have plenty to choose from. Take your time choosing a rug that is both practical and looks good. A white rug in a house full of toddlers might not be the best choice. 

When it comes to art, it’s important it speaks to you, but it doesn’t hurt to spend some time on Instagram, Pinterest, and décor sites to see what you might be missing out on. And, don’t forget to make sure your frame choice complements your room style.

5. Light It Up
Getting new windows or installing a skylight might not be within your budget, but the right lighting does not have to be expensive. Hanging a mirror in the room not only makes it feel bigger, it also helps catch some of that natural light coming in through your windows. You might not have paid much attention to your lighting fixtures, but both the fixture and the bulb choice can make a big difference. From glass to brass, and statement to subtle, give your lighting some love and you’ll notice the transformation. 

Don’t forget that creating a sense of ‘light’ in a room isn’t just about what’s above your head. A light-coloured flooring can add brightness to a room and make it feel more modern. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are a great choice for rooms where you want a light-coloured flooring, but also don’t want to stress about stains and spills. LVT is easy to clean and water resistant.

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