The Pros and Cons of Seagrass Carpets

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Natural flooring is paving the way for eco-friendly flooring in people’s homes. One of the most common types is seagrass carpet. Its natural characteristics offer many pros including durability, allergen-free and low cost. Floor Factory have put together a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Seagrass is a completely natural and sustainable type of flooring used for carpets. It’s a plant that grows in coastal waters around the world, and is then hand-picked and dried. Its fibres are then woven together in different designs and patterns to create carpets and rugs. Products created with seagrass tend to be variations of the same colours, as it is only available in its natural colours of green or golden.


Durable: Seagrass carpets are tough and quite hard wearing. They are perfect for areas with high foot traffic and are more resistant to tears than other types of natural flooring
Eco-Friendly: Being a natural plant, seagrass is a very green option as it is both sustainable and biodegradable.
Allergen and Dirt Free: Their hard fibres ensure its difficult for dirt to stick so they’re easy to clean. Seagrass carpets also have antibacterial properties which make them great for allergy-free environments
Cheap: It is one of the cheapest types of natural flooring and is relatively cheap when it comes to other non-natural types of flooring.


Limited Colours: The leaves on the seagrass plant are resistant to dye, so seagrass carpets are limited to the plants’ natural colours.
Prone to mould and mildew: As it is a water-based plant, seagrass carpets are more vulnerable to mould and mildew than other types of flooring. Therefore, they’re not suitable for bathrooms or places with a high amount of moisture.
Cold: The surface of seagrass flooring tends to be quite cool, which can be good in the summer but not so great during the winter.
Not Appropriate for Stairs: These types of carpets are best on a smooth surface, otherwise the fibres can become damaged and slippery over time.

Seagrass Carpets at Floor Factory

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