Six Great Resolution Ideas & The Perfect Flooring To Help You Keep Them

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Whether your new year’s resolutions involve some yoga-mat stretching, or stretching your artistic talents, we’ve put together some great resolution ideas for you to consider and the right flooring to help you keep them.

Stronger You, Tougher Flooring – The classic no.1 on most resolution lists is to work out more. Whether you want to get fitter, improve your health or lose a little weight, fitting more exercise into 2021 is a great idea. Exercise increases endorphins (the happy hormone), can help you sleep better and give you a self-confidence boost. If you’re adding a gym mat and maybe some free weights into your home, then a great tough flooring choice is vinyl flooring.
Vinyl flooring for your home gym can be great for lower impact on your joints, deadening sound if you’re including some dance into your routine and is easy to wipe up your workout sweat. Thinking of getting an exercise bike or treadmill? We’d recommend getting a rubber mat to place it on to reduce machine movement and prevent damage to the floor.

Read More, Softer Floor – The perfect way to expand your mind, educate yourself or escape from reality. Start with a genre you know you’ll love and then throughout the year aim to try something new. If you want extra book inspiration, then think about starting a casual book club with friends. The best flooring? A soft new carpet plus underfloor heating is the perfect recipe for a cosy reading space.

See More Nature Inside & Out – Connecting with nature, whether it’s taking more walks in your local park or getting involved in a local conservation effort is great for wellbeing. Woodpecker flooring has a selection of incredible natural hardwood floors that can bring nature inside your home for you to enjoy no matter the weather. Not only do they have an incredible selection of wood choices including their new bamboo range they also offer designs to suit your style from parquet to chevron for a look that’s incredibly modern but will last longer than even the most well-intentioned new year’s resolution.

Healthy Eating, Easy Cleaning – Whether you’re baking the perfect sourdough or getting your health back on track after an overindulgent holiday season, improving your skills in the kitchen is good for money saving, waste reducing and general healthy living. Of course, trying to keep up with Jamie or Nigella might mean a few spills and maybe a dropped pot or two, so the perfect kitchen flooring has to be LVT.
Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Amtico or Karndean have all the good looks of hardwood or stone, but without the installation hassle and often with easier upkeep. LVT is easy to wipe down, is an excellent water resistor and isn’t prone to chipping or cracking.

Get Creative – Take a break from Netflix, put down your phone, step away from the Switch and add some art into your life. Whether you pick up a paint brush or even some knitting needles, the act of creating something from scratch helps boost brain power, improves problem solving, and will leave you feeling accomplished.
Choose a flooring that is easy to wipe up those watercolour spills or brush up any left-over threads. Laminate flooring is simple to install with its click-together design, resistant to spills, and at Floor Factory we have an exceptional range that’s sure to inspire some creative thinking.

Work Life Balance – If it looks like you’ll be spending more time working from home in 2021 it’s time to create a proper space for it and upgrade from the laptop-couch routine you’ve found yourself in. The perfect home office flooring should be fresh and modern and if you want that cool London office hardwood vibe without the price point then LVT is easy to fit, looks great and can handle the rolling of your office chair.

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