Modern Interior Design: What Do You Need?

A picture of modern interior design

We went through a phase of loving the shabby chic look for our homes but nowadays modern interior design is the ‘in’ thing. It’s becoming increasingly popular to opt for a modern, sleek look in your home, but what do you need to achieve it? The best thing about modern interior design is that you can really have fun with it; it’s very versatile, so you can really tailor it to suit your sense of style.

Tips for Modern Interior Design:

Choose the Right Flooring

A picture of wooden floor in a room with modern interior design

Before you even start putting furniture and decorations into your room, make sure you’ve got the right flooring! Minimalism is the key to modern interiors. Wooden floors are always a great choice if you’re looking for a low maintenance option that still brings a classy design to your home. To make your home feel cosy, add a rug to your wooden floor; geometric patterns on rugs are very popular for modern designs. If you’re a carpet lover, opt for a plain carpet with a light colour to brighten up the room.

Lighten Up

A picture of pendant lights

Modern interior design is known for making rooms look light and airy. Big windows are great for giving your home a bright and spacious feel as they let in a lot of natural light. Quirky lighting such as pendant lights are also very common in modern interiors.

Plants and Prints

A picture of pendant lights

This is the fun part of creating your modern home look; it’s time to think about decorations. Bring some life into your home by picking some house plants such as kentia palm plants or cacti. To add detail to the walls, get some prints. Prints are great to bring your personality into your home; opt for quotes or artwork which reflect you.

Get Rid of the Clutter

A picture of a chair and ottoman

If you want a modern look in your home, storage is going to be your best friend. As mentioned previously, modern interiors look very bright and clean, therefore lots of clutter will ruin the feel you’re trying to achieve. Ottomans are great storage ideas as they can double up as a stool to create extra seating if you have guests round.

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