How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

How to make a room look bigger 1

Everyone has that one room in their house that’s on the small side. You want to make it look and feel bigger but there’s not a lot to work with. Here at Floor Factory, our customers often mention that they’re buying new flooring for a smaller room that they hope to transform into a more functional space. We’ve been able to suggest some tips that our customers love over the years for how to make a room look bigger. If you’re hoping to do the same, read on.

How To Make A Room Look Bigger

Declutter Your Space

One of the biggest tips we can offer for how to make a room look bigger is to declutter the space. Often we find that people write off their small room as being unusable and instead use it as a spare room or a bit of a dumping ground. If your small room has become a holding pen for your household clutter you’ll want to get rid of it and organise it. Reducing the amount of stuff you have in a room with automatically open the space up and make it feel bigger. Have a sort through, buy some storage solutions and rearrange your furniture to create some more space.

How to make a room look bigger 2

Update Your Furniture

Another useful tip for how to make a room look bigger is to update your furniture. Some pieces of furniture will look amazing in a larger space but simply won’t work in a smaller one. Furniture that is particularly dark in colour can become a focal point that makes the room seem smaller, whereas a sofa that is too large can demand more space than is necessary. If you have a lot of books you may be spreading them out across the room rather than consolidating them into one bookshelf, or you may have several pieces of mismatched furniture that make it look more of a jumble. When trying to make a room look bigger, you’ll want to keep the furniture relatively light, small (within reason) and coordinated.

How to make a room look bigger 3

Choose Lighter Paint

Possibly the easiest tip we can offer for how to make a room look bigger is to repaint the room lighter. This can be hard for those who are fond of deep, dark colours, but the lighter the space is the more open and airy it will feel. Choosing to paint walls in magnolia or white is the better option for a smaller room, especially if the room gets little natural sunlight. It’s amazing how repainting the walls in a smaller room to a lighter colour can transform the space. This can always be adapted so that one wall is a solid block colour while the rest are lighter.

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Get Lighter Furniture

It’s not just the paint that should be lighter. If you’re wondering how to make a room look bigger, light coloured furniture such as upholstery or a lighter coloured wood will help. Using a mix of white furniture and colourful decor can create a lighter, brighter and more balanced environment. If you are a fan of colour and don’t want your small room to look too stark, opt for pops of colour rather than a full, widespread colour scheme. Accentuate a lighter space with colourful cushions, accessories or art pieces to get your colour fix.

Add Some Reflection

Another invaluable tip for how to make a room look bigger is to add in some reflection. This includes mirrors, vases, glass or mirrored decorations and shiny metals. Using reflections makes the room look and feel bigger by tricking the eye, bouncing natural and artificial light around and giving the room more depth. Mirrored furniture can also work wonders for making a room look bigger. If you have a window in the room, try and place mirrors in such a way that they reflect the natural light coming in. This will involve a little strategic placement, but don’t be afraid to use more than one mirror in a room.

 How to make a room look bigger 5

Update Your Flooring

In line with all of our other tips for how to make a room look bigger, choosing a light flooring can make as much difference as lightening your walls. Flooring that is too dark, or even discoloured worn out carpet, can make a room feel more enclosed and can absorb all the light in the room. Opting for a lighter coloured flooring, whether it be laminate, wood or carpet, will open the room up more than darker colours. It’s also worth looking at flooring that is polished or has a reflective surface as this will bounce the light around in the same way as a mirror. There are plenty of flooring options available which can help to make a room look bigger.

Quality Flooring At Floor Factory

If you’re interested in how to make a room look bigger and are looking at buying some new flooring to open up your small room, Floor Factory can help. We offer a variety of high quality affordable flooring solutions for any room. We stock everything from laminate, vinyl, wooden flooring and carpets so no matter what style you’re looking for you’ll find it with us. To take a look at what we have in stock, visit our showroom. You can also fill out our contact form or call us on 01332 986261.