Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Get More Phwoar From Your Floor

A picture of Karndean and kitchen flooring

What’s underfoot is often underappreciated when it comes to the impact it can have on a room. Aesthetically, acoustically and atmospherically, your choice of flooring can transform a space from underwhelming to attention-grabbing.

So, what’s stopping you from letting your ‘90s carpet welcoming in another decade? True, changing and upgrading flooring can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With Floor Factory and LVT flooring, you can have your dream floor without the nightmare prices and installation headaches.

What Is LVT?

Luxury Vinyl Tile emulates the look of hard flooring with modern technology.  LVT is a vinyl tile made of various layers.
Three of the key layers are:
– The vinyl or PVC core layer: that gives it its flexibility and durability.
– The design layer: a high-quality printed layer that defines the look of your tile (from Carrara marble to aged oak and everything in between). The design layer also ensures the design can be unique and authentic.
– The wear layer: a clear layer that is key to the lifespan of the product. The wear layer also allows for embossing and details to add texture and tactile nature to the tile.

LVT is durable and long lasting and mimics the beauty of real wood and stone flooring without the installation impracticalities and the potential issues that arise with stones that require expert maintenance and wood that is very susceptible to environmental conditions.

Why Choose LVT?

Simply, for so many reasons. But here’s a few of our reasons why LVT is superior to many other flooring choices:
Appearance. The design layer, the unique embossing and the precision manufacturing and installation options allow literally endless possibilities. Aside from the variations of design and material effect choices, the layout options and unique embellishments makes it easier than ever to stay on-trend or remain classically cool.
Price. The hardwood or premium stone flooring of your dreams is for most homeowners beyond your budget. With LVT you pay for a premium product with surprising affordability. The affordability really pays off, with the guarantees from companies like Amtico and Karndean where the 20 year or 35-year guarantee gives you peace of mind for a lifetime.
Durability. LVT is built to last. It is resistant to water (it won’t swell or warp like hardwood or laminate), impact (it won’t crack or chip like tiles or stone) and stains (it’s stain resistant so you don’t have to stress when you’re throwing a party).
Feel. It’s warm underfoot and softer than many hard surface flooring choices. Perfect for colder days when that cold tile wake up in the kitchen is not the best start to the day. Combine it with underfloor heating and you’re toasty through even the longest of winters. In addition, it absorbs sound. So, for an upstairs room it can be a great choice, not only giving the room a facelift but softening the sound of noisy footsteps.
Installation. The ease of installation and ability to lay over existing smooth hard surfaces means the transformation can be overnight. At Floor Factory we have highly trained installers that can install LVT throughout Derbyshire and beyond. As a result, you can say goodbye to DIY woes and ensure your product guarantees are honoured. The option of glue-less choices like Karndean LooseLay means you can have a new floor that has the potential for re-use throughout your home.

How LVT Differs From Laminate?

While Floor Factory offers all types of flooring, from carpets to stone floors, LVT is in a class of its own. Don’t confuse LVT with laminate flooring. While with some premium laminate manufacturers the end result looks similarly great, there are some potential drawbacks to laminate.

Laminate is made from fibreboard, meaning humidity, repeated exposure to water and spillages can cause laminate to warp and the joins to be damaged. LVT is far superior when it comes to its water resistance and is a favourite even for kitchens and bathrooms.

Who’s Who In LVT?

Two of the leading names in LVT are Karndean and Amtico.

Karndean dates back to the mid-seventies but has most definitely not stayed there, with unique designs, specialized manufacturing processes and a brand name that’s synonymous with LVT.
Amtico is a classic British company that like Karndean has been key in shaping the LVT world. Operating out of Coventry in the UK, Amtico has refined the layering process for improved durability, enhanced the design process for even more authenticity, and provides exceptional after-sales care.

Where to Get LVT?

Floor Factory in Derby are Platinum resellers for Karndean, the only ones in Derby. With our extensive range, and knowledgeable team that knows their way around the product as well as samples of all types in our showroom.

We are also an AmticoOne Exclusive Retailer. No one else in Derbyshire has the same level of choice or expertise when it comes to Amtico, and the One status that we’ve achieved demonstrates why we’re the first choice for LVT flooring in Derby.

For impartial advice, contact Floor Factory today to discuss your flooring options. Call us on 01332 986261, pop into our showroom or fill out our online contact form!