Clean & Cosy For A Winter Indoors

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Make sure your home is clean and welcoming even if lockdown might mean you’re expecting a few less guests this winter. Our winter cleaning guide will help you keep your floors looking their best and prevent unwanted germs and bacteria from making themselves at home. From carpets to vinyl here’s our simple guide for floor cleaning this winter.

Make A Grand Entrance
When you arrive home you’re inevitably going to bring a little of the winter weather in with you. Muddy boots or snowy shoes won’t do your flooring any favours, so invest in a good entranceway mat. The simple and seemingly obvious act of cleaning off your shoes on the mat means less dirt is brought into the house and there is less to be cleaned up.

Dirty Paws & Muddy Floors
If you have pets, don’t forget they need to wipe their feet (and their fur) too. A post park puddle splash doesn’t mix well with flooring, but especially not with light carpets and upholstery. Make sure you give your dogs a quick clean-down before they decide to use your lounge as their own personal drying station.

Shoes Off, Heating On
After escaping the chilly temperatures outside the thought of taking your shoes off doesn’t need to give the shivers. Underfloor heating adds a whole new level of winter warmth to any home, makes it easier to really relax and reduces potential shoe and dirt damage to your flooring. Underfloor heating is the perfect partner for all types of flooring making your luxury vinyl tiles even lovelier and your carpet even cosier. A digital easily controlled thermostat can be set to room or floor temperatures and adjusted with the weather so that you can expect a warm welcome when you get home. Don’t forget if you’re a ‘shoes-off home’, make a space for easy removal and storage of shoes near your home’s entranceway.

Hoovers and Shakers
Carpet’s are the perfect flooring for winter lounging, but can also suffer the brunt of the winter weather. Entranceway mats, pet paw wiping, and shoe removal are the first lines of defence, but don’t underestimate the importance of regular vacuuming. Make sure that you don’t wait until your carpet looks or even feels dirty before you give it a thorough vacuum. Keep the dirt from settling in and it will help extend the lifespan of your carpet. If the idea of regular vacuuming doesn’t sound fun, then an automated vacuum like a Roomba might be a simple solution.
Extra time indoors, and inevitably more lounge time also means you might get some unwelcome spills on your carpet. Talk to the team at Floor Factory about the best spot cleaners for your carpet. They have a range of easy application and quick drying cleaners that you can keep on hand for simple stain removal. And while we wouldn’t recommend mixing mulled-wine with your new snowy-white carpet, at least you won’t have to panic if they do meet.

If your home has Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Amtico or Karndean then winter floor care could not be easier. LVT keeps its shine unlike some flooring that needs regular treating and buffing, and it doesn’t trap dirt like carpets do. Keeping it looking its best is often as simple as a quick sweep or vacuum. Most LVT flooring is also designed to be highly water resistant, so you can say goodbye to mould and other bacterial growth, and you don’t have to be afraid of mopping the floor with a variety of different floor cleaning products.

For a more thorough clean, perhaps just once a year Floor Factory can supply you with a specially formulated product for a deeper clean removing any ingrained dirt for a like-new finish. Talk to the team about the recommended floor cleaning products for your specific brand of flooring.

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