How To Care For New Carpets: Our Advice

tips for how to care for new carpets

If you’ve recently had new carpets fitted in your home, you’ll know how satisfying it is to see them looking pristine and feeling soft and bouncy. Carpets add a welcoming, homely feel to your house. Because of how versatile carpets are they’re ideal for any property, which is why they continue to be popular even when wood flooring is on the rise. Everyone wants to enjoy the cosy feeling of carpet underfoot, especially in the colder months, and you’ll want to make that feeling last as long as possible. If you want to keep your carpet bright, clean and soft, you’ll need to take good care of it. For carpets that look as good as the day you got them, follow some simple rules for good carpet care and you’ll be enjoying that new carpet feel for years to come. Here’s our advice for how to care for new carpets.

Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is the first step in how to care for new carpets and keeping them looking new. Depending on the size of the room or how often you use it will determine how often you vacuum, but it’s a good idea to vacuum all carpets at least once a week, especially for high traffic areas. The more people that live in your house, the more vacuuming you’ll need to do, so if you have children or pets consider vacuuming twice a week to pick up any hair or dust that accumulates. Once dust and hair build up, it can become compacted and permeate the fibres, changing the colour of your carpet and making it harder to clean effectively. Making sure to vacuum regularly prevents a build up in the carpet, meaning they’ll look brighter for longer. It’s also beneficial to empty your vacuum often, as a full vacuum can actually circulate dust back into the carpet and be less effective and collecting all the detritus.

carpet steam cleaning

Steam Clean Every 3-6 Months

Steam cleaning is a perfect example of how to care for new carpets, but many people overlook it. Steam cleaning carpets semi-regularly might seem like an extreme, especially if you don’t own a steam cleaner yourself, however, steam cleaning is a highly effective way of keeping carpets clean, removing any build-up of matter and keeping the carpet fibres bouncy. You can hire a professional carpet cleaner or simply rent a steam cleaner locally to keep the cost down. If your carpet is generally in good condition or gets relatively low traffic, you can do this every 6 months. For homes with lots of people, or particularly light carpets, every 3 months is more suitable. If steam cleaning sounds like a lot of hassle, don’t be concerned. Steam cleaners are actually very easy and quick to use, so cleaning your carpet doesn’t need to be laborious. The only thing to remember with steaming carpets is that they should be left to dry fully before anyone walks on them.

Vigilant Carpet Cleaning

It’s almost impossible to prevent stains or spillages on your carpet. Whether it’s a child spilling a drink, to muddy paws making their way through the house, eventually an accident will happen that will leave a mark on your carpet no matter how well you’ve looked after it. If you want to know how to care for new carpets in your home, being vigilant and cleaning any spills or stains immediately is the only way to ensure your carpets stay looking new. Blotting any excess moisture from the carpet will prevent water from saturating the fibres and staining, but make sure to be gentle so you don’t push the dirt or stain deeper into the carpet. For tough marks or spills that won’t come out with water, use store-bought carpet cleaning products, making sure they’ve been testing on an inconspicuous area beforehand. Some carpet cleaners can stain or damage your carpet depending on the type you have, so don’t put anything on your carpet unless you’re certain it is safe. Once you’ve cleaned the carpet and removed the stain, blot up any excess water and leave to dry fully before vacuuming.

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