Which Flooring Is Best for Office Flooring

A picture of a board room in an office, including carpeted office flooring and a large meeting table and chairs, and floor to ceiling windows.

A great way to completely revitalise an office space is to install new, suitable flooring that both enhances the feel of the office and the mood of the staff. Depending on the style of your office, its day-to-day use, and your business brand, there are a variety of flooring options to choose from. Floor Factory are experts in the various flooring options and the individual benefits of each, so we can help guide you in your choice for your new office flooring.


Carpet is a popular choice for both commercial and domestic rooms, with its warming feel and acoustic benefits – absorbing sound in the room. Some steer away from carpet for their office flooring, though, due to the cost of replacing it if there is a spill or it gets otherwise stained. This is a valid concern when it comes to office flooring, however, carpet tiles offer a practical solution. By using carpet tiles, you can replace any section that gets stained with a limited amount of cost and inconvenience.

Vinyl and Laminate

For a cost-effective and durable option, vinyl or laminate is the best option. Low-maintenance and long-lasting, this is a money saving option that will give you years of use. Again, it is best to go for tiles so that if one becomes damaged, it is easy to replace just that square. However, this office flooring option is not as luxurious or aesthetically pleasing as others, so be sure that the low-maintenance and longevity of it make up for what you may be losing in style.

Timber and Wood Flooring

Incorporating wood flooring into your office will give a classic, opulent feel to your space. There are many benefits to using wood for your floor; other than its timeless style, wood flooring is also easy to keep clean. This means you won’t have to be so concerned about replacing your floor. Wood is also incredibly hardy, so a high footfall won’t damage it quickly. Wood flooring lasts a long time, but it is, therefore, a little more expensive. If you have the budget to spend, though, wood floors for an office are a sensible and stylish choice.

Whatever your budget and office style, Floor Factory can help you to make the right decision for your company. Speak to our expert team today in Derby and we’ll help you to pick out your ideal new floor.