Tips On How To Look After Your Wooden Floors

An image of a microfibre mop on a wooden floor

Wooden flooring can bring an elegant charm to your home and can last for a long time with the right amount of care. It’s not very high maintenance but it does require some TLC every now and then to keep it at the high standard you’d like. Floor Factory outline some of the threats your flooring faces on a daily basis and provide some tips on how to look after your wooden floors.


Sand and small particle dirt: Sand and dirt can cause minute scratches in wooden floors that can cause lasting damage over time. A good deterrent to this is to have a designated area to take shoes off and leave any dirty belongings. If you notice any dirt or sand, try and clean it up as soon as you can to prevent permanent damage.

Sunlight damage: Whilst the sun coming out can be great for us, it can mean the opposite for your wooden floors. UV exposure can cause stains or fading, which could leave your floors with discolouration. Keeping your curtains closed during the day or laying down some mats or rugs in areas where the sun is most prevalent is a great way to look after your wooden floors.

Scratches: These can come from all kinds of sources – moving furniture, a high-heeled shoe, pet claws etc. The best way to combat these scratches is to think about where these could come from and take measures to prevent the damage. For example, ensure your furniture has anti-scratch pads before you move it, put your shoes on or take them off at the front door so your shoes aren’t walking through the house, regularly cut your pet’s claws to avoid them digging into your wooden floor.


Use a soft brush and a microfibre cloth: As you may have gathered from the threats section of this article, wooden flooring can be quite vulnerable when it comes to general wear and tear. Therefore, when cleaning it’s important to use the appropriate equipment so as to not do more damage – always use either a soft-bristled brush or a hoover with a brush head. Alternatively, you could use a microfibre mop, which traps dirt more effectively than a brush and eliminates the chances of scratching.

Avoid using water: As you may know, exposure to moisture can cause wood to expand and possibly move. A great way to look after wooden floors is to use a microfibre mop that’s been sprayed with wooden floor cleaner, which will help maintain your flooring’s original look.

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