Five Reasons to Install Underfloor Heating


Get More From Your Floor This Winter

With the mercury hitting record highs, we won’t blame you if getting an ice maker is more on your mind than your home heating. But along with a more extreme summer we could be in for an extra cold winter. So, to prepare for the chill now’s the time to get your home winter-ready by installing underfloor heating.  

From the bedroom to the basement, underfloor heating can save you money on your heating bill, provide a more comfortable radiant heat, and improve the look and value of your home. Here’s our top five reasons to install underfloor heating this summer.  

1. TOASTY TOES –Toasty Toes Not only is underfloor heating great for keeping your feet warm, but a warm floor is only half the story. Warming your floor creates all round warmth from the ground up creating a pleasant ambient temperature and a better environment to live, work or relax in. If your system has an integrated smart thermostat then you can set it to switch on for a warm morning wakeup, or an extra warm welcome home. 

2. EASY & EFFICIENT HEAT – While a radiator only warms up the area around it, underfloor heating warms the entire room evenly. Not only does that improve comfort, but importantly can help reduce your heating bill. Radiators typically need to be warmed to a much higher temperature (65-75 degrees Celsius) for them to heat the room, whereas underfloor heating starts to heat the space from 29 degrees Celsius or less. So, with underfloor heating you can enjoy more comfort and spend less on your heating bill. 

3. HEY GOOD LOOKING – Radiators aren’t known for their good looks and trying to hide a radiator away so it doesn’t spoil your room’s aesthetic often means compromising on the heating efficiency. With underfloor heating there’s no compromise needed because the system is below the floor. And if you’re getting underfloor heating installed then it’s also the perfect opportunity to upgrade what goes on top of it. We recommend LVT for a floor that not only looks good but also ‘plays well’ with
underfloor heating. 

4. LOW OR NO MAINTENANCE – Once installed, underfloor heating requires very little regular maintenance. Especially if you opt for a system that uses electric mats or heating wires there is almost no need for any ongoing maintenance. Combined with a long warranty, underfloor heating systems are less-stress than many traditional heating systems 

Underfloor Heating5. NOT JUST FOR NEW BUILDS – Retrofitting a home with underfloor heating doesn’t have to be as costly or complicated as you might think. Underfloor heating can work with everything from laminate to stone and from tile to carpet. Of course, the ease of install will vary depending on your flooring type and the size of your home. But with installations that can be done in as little as one or two days, underfloor heating doesn’t have to be a headache