Different Types of Carpet: What Is Best for You?

A picture of carpet

At Floor Factory, we know that it can be a little overwhelming going into a carpet shop and being faced with all the different types of carpet, with all different pros and cons and not knowing which would work best for your property. To make life simple, we’ve outlined the benefits of the different types of carpet we stock in store and suggested what types of property they would work best in.


Traditional carpets tend to be a lot darker in colour; the most common colours for traditional carpets are wine red, forest green or dark blue. They also tend to be very heavily patterned like wiltax carpets. Traditional carpets work great in historical buildings and big rooms. Due to the dark colours and heavy patterns, we would not recommend them in small rooms.


Contemporary carpets can be varied. Very plain, light colours work well for a contemporary style where you would like your interiors to stay minimalistic; these carpets work very well within smaller spaces as the light colour can open up a room. Contemporary carpets can also be patterned, however, unlike traditional carpets, contemporary ones tend to have more basic patterns such as geometric designs.

Natural Flooring

Many people steer away from natural carpet due to them being fairly rough to touch. However, it’s surprising how bouncy they can actually feel. As natural carpet is very durable, it is a great choice for a busy home. If you’re looking for a carpet that will look great and last for a very long time, put natural carpet at the top of your list.

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