Decorating Tips for Different Sizes of Properties

A picture of white wood flooring in a home

Do you want to make the most of your property through your decorating? Could you do with a few decorating tips to help you make your choices? Below, we’ve split up our top decorating tips for both small and big properties.


Decorating Tips for a Small Property

A picture of wood flooring in a small property


Flooring choices can make or break small properties. It’s very easy to make the mistake of making your property look even smaller due to your flooring choice. Aim to open up your rooms with your flooring. Wood flooring can open up a room depending on which way you choose to have the slats facing. If you prefer a warmer, cosy flooring then carpet can work in small properties, providing you choose a light colour.

Interior Colours

If you want to open up your small property to make it appear bigger, opt for light colours for your walls and accessories; white, cream and pastel colours are safe options for if you want to give the illusion of a bigger space. If you want your home to feel cosy with darker colours, opt for dark colours for your soft furnishings rather than your walls.

Decorating Tips for a Big Property

A picture of wood flooring in a big property


With a large property, you’re pretty lucky in that you can get away with almost any type of flooring! Opt for a flooring that matches the theme of the interior you’re trying to achieve. Amtico flooring, wood and patterned or dark coloured carpets look great with traditional homes. Light coloured carpets and LVT can work well with modern homes.

Interior Colours

Light colours in a big property can sometimes make it look very empty if you don’t have lots of furniture and accessories; if you choose to have light colours on the walls, try and bring some colour in with accessories or a feature wall. Feature walls of a dark colour or patterned wallpaper look fantastic in big properties.

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