Common Misconceptions About Laminate Flooring

here are some of the most common misconceptions about laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is an increasingly popular flooring solution for the modern home, and yet, there are still many common misconceptions about laminate flooring that put potential buyers off. This often results in people buying more expensive alternatives of flooring for the same properties and style that laminate could be offering. If you’re planning to get some new flooring for your home and are looking for an affordable options that still looks fantastic, you may want to seriously consider laminate. Here we discuss the most common misconceptions about laminate flooring that could be making you think twice about purchasing, and take a closer look at why laminate may well be the best option for you, your budget and your home.

Laminate Flooring Looks Cheap and Unsophisticated

One of the most common misconceptions about laminate flooring is that it looks cheap and is of low quality. This misconception comes from the early days of laminate, where it was still being developed and refined, with limited styles and finishes. Those days are long gone, and lots of time and money has gone into the laminate flooring industry to improve the look and quality of laminate flooring. There are now endless varieties of design, texture and style to choose from; in fact, it can be hard to distinguish laminate flooring from other flooring types nowadays. If you’re concerned about the look or quality of laminate flooring, it is highly recommended to go and see some samples in person to really see how fantastic it looks.

Laminate Flooring Isn’t Long Lasting Enough

Another of the common misconceptions about laminate flooring that puts people off is that laminate flooring isn’t long lasting enough. Many think that because laminate is a man-made product it must be flimsy and fragile, but laminate flooring is actually incredibly robust. Most laminate flooring is made up of layers that consist of at least a base layer, a substrate layer, the patterned layer and the wear layer. Depending on the type of laminate you buy, there can also be additional layers with more properties. Like most flooring you buy, proper care can ensure longer durability, however, laminate flooring can last year with minimal care.

Laminate Flooring Can’t Be Repaired

Other common misconceptions about laminate flooring is that it can’t be easily replaced, repaired or treated for problems such as minor damage or spillages. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as it is incredibly quick and easy to repair or replace laminate flooring. Often this misconception arises from confusion between laminate and linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring comes in sheets which requires to be cut out when repairs or replacements are needed. Laminate flooring comes in planks which can be repaired or replaced individually when necessary, but most damage to laminate can be repaired without needing to remove the flooring at all. Laminate flooring, much like real wood flooring, can be repaired with a wax pencil or stick, or a specialty repair kit. If you’re particularly concerned about major damage replacement, buying a little extra laminate flooring to store for future replacements is advised.

You Can’t Clean Laminate Flooring

Many people think that laminate flooring can’t be cleaned in the same way as other flooring types, or that cleaning laminate will damage it. This is one of the most common misconceptions about laminate flooring that is the most baffling. Laminate is actually easier and quicker to clean than many flooring alternatives. Cleaning laminate is as simple as dusting with a floor mop or a quick vacuum. Because the planks are laid down tightly, there are no gaps for dust or dirt to get trapped, meaning you only have to worry about the surface. While it isn’t advisable to soak laminate flooring in water, a damp cloth or mop can also clean laminate flooring easily. You don’t need to polish or use chemicals on laminate flooring to keep it clean, and the surface doesn’t need to be treated to keep it on good working condition.

Laminate Flooring is Expensive

The last of our common misconceptions about laminate flooring that’s worth noting is the cost. Many people falsely assume or expect laminate flooring to be expensive, even more so than alternatives. Like all flooring solutions, laminate flooring can vary in price depending on type, style and quality, but is overall a more affordable flooring option than many. Hardwood, carpets and tile flooring can all be extremely expensive, and require a lot of aftercare which can also be costly. Unlike real wood flooring that requires polish, wax or lacquer, or carpet which requires deep cleaning, laminate flooring requires little to no additional cost after it has been laid. Laminate flooring often pays for itself in the long run, and proper care can make laminate flooring last decades.

Laminate Flooring At Floor Factory

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