2022’s Colours of the Year

Colour Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

The Perfect Colour For Your Floor
Without colour, Prince would’ve just been singing about inclement weather, Elton John would’ve been bidding farewell to a very ordinary pavement, and Chris de Burgh’s lady would’ve got lost in a crowd of beige. Colour has the power to set a mood, create a moment, and transform our homes.

Every year, Pantone and the world’s most influential paint companies propose their colour of the year. From radiant orchid to serenity, ultimate grey to ultraviolet we’ve seen a full spectrum (and then some!) with previous years’ selected hues. Their colour selections are influenced by lifestyles, fashion trends, interior design, pop culture, and colour psychology.

Whether you realise it or not you’ll see their picks popping up everywhere from your phone apps to high-street fashion. But if there’s one place that colour can really have a big impact, it’syour home. Pairing the right colour to your flooring is one of the most affordable ways to revitalize your home and give it a fresh look.
We’ve put together the top five colour trends of 2022 to see how they can complement your flooring and inspire you to try something new.

Pantone Colours

1. Pantone with Very Peri – This year, the Pantone Colour Institute didn’t choose a colour for the year, they created it! Very Peri is the exciting new Pantone colour that will dominate 2022, and it’s not purple! “Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” – Pantone
How To Pair Very Peri with Your Flooring? Use it as an accent colour or pair it with other bold colours for exciting combinations. Alternatively, balance Very Peri with natural tones and a muted colour palette.  Our natural, solid wood and laminate flooring will pair perfectly to create harmony when using Very Peri. Talk to the team at Floor Factory who’ll help you choose the best floors to match your bold new colour choice.

2. Dunn EdwardsDunn-Edwards with Art and Craft – If you’re looking for something more warm and natural, Art and Craft may just be the perfect colour for your walls. Natural tones can be soothing and comforting while still remaining sophisticated and trendy.  “Art and Craft is a new take on traditional colours—a nature-based hue that is moody and complex. The sophisticated darkness of this colour is destined to make it become a new classic; a foundation colour that ties other colours together. Comfortable, cosy, calming and versatile, as a warm and welcoming colour, it makes us feel tied to the earth and nature’s seasons, evoking another era that highlighted arts and crafts.” – Dunn-Edwards
How To Pair Art and Craft with Your Flooring? This beautiful natural colour creates a canvas for you to explore with bold flooring patterns or perhaps colourful carpeting. The neutral hue lends itself to light, medium, and dark woods. Art and Craft by Dunn-Edwards is indeed a new classic. CREDIT: COURTEST OF DUNN-EDWARDS

Benjamin Moore

3. Benjamin Moore with Ocean Mist – Sticking with soothing natural hues, Ocean Mist seeks to connect us to nature and the outdoors. In colour psychology, green is known to foster feelings of peace and calm, but at the same time refreshment and security.
This gently shaded sage quietly anchors a space, while encouraging individual expression through colour.” – Benjamin Moore.

How To Pair Ocean Mist with Your Flooring? Ocean Mist stays elegant while bringing a natural lightness to the room. For this reason, it will easily match with any of our laminate, solid wood, natural and carpet flooring. From light to dark flooring, Ocean Mist will give a classic botanical finish.

Sherwin Williams 4. Sherwin-Williams with Evergreen Fog –It’s clear that the organic trend is strong, and that green is the theme for some of 2022’s favourite colours. Sherwin-Williams are one of the biggest and best paint supply companies in the world and definitely have their finger on the pulse. “Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is a versatile and calming hue, a chameleon colour of gorgeous green-meets-grey, with just a bit of blue.  It’s a simple but sophisticated wash of beautiful, organic colour for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade.” –  Sherwin-Williams
How To Pair Evergreen Fog with Your Flooring? As with Ocean Mist, Evergreen Fog makes a statement without having to shout about. It’s classic, but also very now. Natural wood flooring, engineered wood, and lighter wood floors will pair perfectly with Evergreen Fog. Add some extra class to the space by opting for a layout like herringbone.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Dulux5. Dulux with Bright Skies – The colour blue evokes feelings of fun, peace and safety. Think of a clear blue sky or a calm vast lake, blue is beautiful. “Bright Skies is a light and airy blue; it’s a colour that feels vibrant, optimistic and good for the soul. And it’s a shade that can open up and revitalize our homes.” – Dulux
How To Pair Bright Skies with Your Flooring? Optimistic and vibrant, yet soothing – Bright Skies is a classic lighter hue that will contrast wonderfully with light warm flooring, natural textures, and wood finishes. Blue Skies is perfect for darker corners of the home that might need a little extra boost to make up for a lack of natural light. It’s less of a cool blue than you might think, so don’t be afraid to use it as a statement colour in lounges or bedrooms.

There you have it, the colour trends for 2022. With the new year upon us, we can all do with a splash of positivity and optimism. Start things off by revitalizing your home with a splash of Very Peri, Bright Skies, Ocean Mist, Evergreen Fog, or Art and Craft. Whatever colour your walls may be, Floor Factory are looking forward to helping you find the perfect floors to match.

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