Why Choose Carpets for Your Derbyshire Property?

A picture of someone sat on a carpet

Looking for new flooring for your property in Derbyshire and not sure if carpets are the right choice? Below we’ve listed the top benefits for choosing carpet in your property:

Minimise Sound

Did you know your well-being can be negatively affected by lots of background noise? This includes noisy floor boards and loud stomping around the house. Carpets are great for sound insulation; they absorb noise, making it a quieter environment to be in. Minimising background noise can be great for your property, whether it’s a house or an office.

Save Energy … And Money

Everyone wants to know tips and tricks to help save a little bit of money; investing in a carpet is a great way to knock money off of your energy bills each year. Carpets can add warmth to a room, meaning there is less need to use your central heating system and therefore less money is spent on your energy bill.


One of the main reasons for adding carpet to your Derbyshire property is for comfort. People often look past how much comfort carpets bring to a home. Many people love laying on the floor whilst watching a film on a cosy night and carpet can be a lot comfier for doing this.

Transform Your Room

Depending on the carpets you choose, it can completely change a room. Choosing a light colour can open up a room and make it appear bigger. If you want a room to feel extra cosy, opt for a darker colour.

If you’d like to get carpet installed in your Derbyshire property, get in touch with the team at Floor Factory! Give us a call on 01332 986261 or fill out our online contact form and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.