The Best Warm Flooring For Your Home

Warm flooring

Stay Warm and Cosy This Winter

Winter might still be some months away but don’t delay in making your home winter ready. From energy-efficient underfloor heating to soft and cosy carpeting, read on for our recommendations of the best flooring for a warm winter home.

Carpet – The Cosy Classic
The warmth of a carpeted floor in winter is hard to beat. Carpets can create a sense of cosy comfort on even the chilliest winter days. The natural insulation properties combined with the soft feel on your feet is the perfect winter antidote.

Not all carpets offer the same level of winter-comfort, so which carpet material is best to keep you warm? Twine-like sisal, hardy seagrass, coconut-fibre coir and jute fibres are all natural carpet options that look great and offer varying degrees of durability, but for warmth, wool is hard to beat. Not only is wool natural, it’s tough, an excellent insulator, and very soft. If you’re concerned about durability then Crucial Trading’s Sisool carpets are a great option. They blend the warming softness of wool combined with the toughness of sisal for a rugged but warm winter carpet option.

Floor Factory stocks a range of natural and man-made carpets from leading carpet manufacturers including Crucial Trading, Associated Weavers, Riviera, Alternative Flooring and Cormar. Whatever the room, whatever the style, Floor Factory has a carpet to keep you warm this winter.

LVT – Layers of Comfort
Vinyl flooring might not jump to mind when you’re thinking of warm flooring, but there’s lots more than meets the eye with LVT (luxury vinyl tiles). Unlike cheaper vinyl flooring, LVT is constructed from multiple layers that each serve an important purpose in the look and feel of your flooring. A stone or slate floor is a poor choice for a warm winter floor, but with LVT, the design layer can mimic the look without the chill. LVT’s layers make it naturally warmer than most alternative flooring choices and create a cushioning effect when you walk on it.

Best of all the leading manufacturers of LVT have designed it to be entirely compatible with underfloor heating without the risk or warping, cracking, or de-laminating. At Floor Factory we stock the leading manufacturers of LVT like Amtico. Their range includes almost endless LVT options for your floor with designs and styles suitable for every room in the home.

Engineered Wood – Naturally Warming
Get the look and feel of a solid hardwood floor with extra benefits and more warm-floor potential. At Floor Factory one of our preferred engineered wooden flooring suppliers is Woodpecker. Woodpecker’s engineered wooden boards combines a top layer of real wood, a central core of plywood or cross-layered softwood and a veneer layer. This clever design makes engineered wood more versatile for flooring than solid wood and less prone to expansion, contraction and warping. While a hardwood floor is generally not considered suitable for underfloor heating for those reasons, engineered wood from Woodpecker is designed for underfloor heating compatibility and to maximise the warmth of your floor.

Underfloor Heating – Happy Feet
The ultimate solution to creating a warm floor in your home, underfloor heating allows you total control over the temperature whatever the weather. Underfloor heating is designed to provide even heat distribution throughout every corner of the room and is compatible with most types of carpet, LVT from Amtico and Karndean, and engineered wood from companies like Woodpecker.

Underfloor heating provides a gentle heating experience and makes the space more livable without the intense contrast between cold and hot that wall radiators often create. At Floor Factory we install and supply low voltage electric carbon film matting. Carbon film matting requires no maintenance once installed, doesn’t require boilers and pipes, and needs less space under the flooring when installing. In addition, the highly adjustable thermostat and quick start up time allows your feet that happy feeling of stepping onto a warm floor whenever you need it.

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