The Benefits of an Underfloor Heating Installation

an image of socks on wooden flooring

Having become a popular choice in many UK homes, an underfloor heating installation can improve your home and lifestyle in a number of ways. Floor Factory can install underfloor heating with a variety of flooring materials and have a knowledgeable team who can discuss your options throughout the process.



You no longer have to worry about that dreaded moment in the morning when your bare feet hit the cold floor below. Say goodbye to frosty toes or pairs upon pairs of slippers. Underfloor heating can be particularly pleasant in the bathroom when you step out of the bath or shower. For those with poor circulation, heat underfoot can really help the body to maintain an overall temperature without chilly extremities.

Freedom in Design

Take advantage of the ability to design your room with no compromise. An underfloor heating installation is hidden, so you don’t have to put up with bulky radiators that can often be an eyesore or feel out of place in a well designed space.

Even Heating Distribution

Unlike a conventional radiator, houses with underfloor heating will benefit from even and maintained heat distribution. In many cases, specifically in a living area, radiators are covered by furniture or curtains which really prevents effective heat distribution and circulation.

Flexible Controls

Unlike a conventional thermostat that controls the entire house, underfloor heating can be wired room by room, so that you won’t need to waste energy in unused rooms of the house. You can tailor your controls based on how much time you spend in each room.


Radiators are renowned for harbouring dust and can be a real hassle to thoroughly clean, particularly in those hard to reach areas between the heater and the wall. By reducing these pockets of dust and bacteria, those of us with asthma or allergies will suffer much less often.

Increased Property Price

Undergoing an underfloor heating installation could prove to be an investment long term as it could add value to your home. Underfloor heating is seen as high spec and is a ‘luxury’ that many houses don’t offer.

The team at Floor Factory are experienced and qualified to install underfloor heating in your home, a heating solution which is compatible with many flooring options including carpet, wood and laminate. If you would like to discuss an installation, please call 01332 986261 for more information.